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Here you will find information and notes on the text. These notes are intended to fill in some of the gaps and perhaps answer a few questions which may arise as you read the novel.

Please take your time to browse through an interview with the author Kel Lamplough, where he explains the origins of the work and how it came to be written.

Kel also gives some insight into the illustrations, and offers the reader the opportunity to create their own pictures by being able to download several outlines of a selection of drawings.

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You must keep in mind that Wo-Sak, The Frog God is a work of fiction, and was created based upon one simple question:

Where did the idea of human sacrifice come from?

The nature of belief and faith is central to the story and the impossibility of the core strategy for survival, a tool for the consideration of miracles. Once we have accepted this notion then the placement of an ancient Temple Priest in 19th century London becomes much more interesting.

And, of course, behind the simplicity of the story are the fundamental issues of belief systems. The ancient inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico believed in what they were doing. Human sacrifice was part of their religion. Does that make them evil murderers? The Spanish Conquistadores, with their Catholic doctrines, certainly thought so and sought to eradicate the Aztec traditions through violence and the burning of their ancient books.

Wo-Sak, The Frog God is a simple story and hopefully raises questions which the reader is invited to ponder. It is a violent tale but not gratuitous. I hope you enjoy it.

After a devastating volcanic eruption, Gamboa, an orphan boy, is told that in order to save his people from a living death the true God, the Frog God, demands human sacrifice. This sets the young boy off on an epic journey which changes the course of history.
Allegory, parable and fable, the tale is a heady reminder that religion is cyclical, rarely original, and deadly ruthless when faith and belief collide with humanity’s desperation for everlasting life.

Kel Lamplough
April 2017

Special Thanks

Wolfgang van Hooff (Luxembourg): the beer yogi who started it all in a bar in Beijing.

Reverend Dale Roberts (England): a ruthless reader who turned me away from Disney and on to something much more profound.

Rafael Abellan (Brazil): website designer with a great big beard - extraordinary.

Sophie Lauratet (Mauritius): photography made in Beijing for safe keeping and inspiration.

Terry Hamilton (New Zealand): invaluable encouragement with the early text.

Nomer Adona (Philippines): reliable ideas on photographic reproduction.

Richard Ambler (South Africa): the first critical voice to make an impact - cruel to be kind.

Ryan Panter (on the island of Jeju, South Korea): a crazy supporter of the impossible.  

Lucas and Debbie at Panopus (London): professional scanning like no other.

Beijing World Youth Academy (China): invaluable support from the best small school in Beijing.

Mike Smythe, Chris Walsh, Colin Lilley and Jennie Parker (London): for always being there.

And finally my wife, Cosmina Lascu (Romania): the first and last standing when the bell tolls.


The ways of the mysterious and legendary Mayans living out their re-incarnation in 19th century London form the basis of this often blood-thirsty yet spiritually compelling novel. The author weaves a journey through time, which at times can leave the unwary reader appalled but also exhilarated as it twists and turns through the unlikely pilgrimage of its central character – the mighty Gamboa

Reverend Dale Roberts

A brilliant idea with a striking, imaginative impact. The fact that the illustrations are his own adds to the madness of it all -  the wild, imaginative quality.
Yeah, brilliant!

John Grime
Novelist, Playwright and Poet

The story line is sound and grabbed me from the start. Descriptive language is excellent and one can see Kel has brought all his knowledge of English and its manipulation into the piece.
I like it!

Terry Hamilton
Educator and Celebrated International School Principal