Kel Lamplough was born in the village of Packmoor, North Staffordshire, England in the 1950’s.

On leaving school he studied Social Science at Kingston-upon-Thames Polytechnic. From childhood he wanted to travel. To help in this ambition he took a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. He didn’t really want to be a teacher but knew it would help pay for his travels. He later studied Linguistics at Ealing College, West London. After a very short and truly awful experience teaching in inner city London, he vowed never to work there again.

Since 1978, Kel has worked in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Brunei, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Czech Republic, Romania, Vietnam and China. He is married to Cosmina and when not travelling with his wife, who still teaches Mathematics, Kel and Cosmina live in their country house in Romania.

His one big regret is not being able to learn Romanian. “Far too complicated and Cosmina always makes fun of me. So I gave up.”

Kel is a most creative actor and over the years has performed in many plays. He is also an outstanding director.

He is saddened by the fact that both his parents have now passed away and did not live to see the publication of his first, full length novel. “My Dad would have been very proud. I’m sure he is. He’s always by my side.”

Kel has never had children but he and Cosmina did have a great cat in Vietnam which they took to Romania. The cat, getting old and a bit grumpy, now lives with Cosmina’s mother in Bucharest.

Favourite time: sitting in the garden in Romania with the apple and plum trees and raspberry bushes. Watching Cosmina light the fire for the bbq and eating under the stars. Idyllic? Oh yes.

Pet hate: technology. “I’ve only got to look at a computer and it freezes.”

Dreams: that one day, mankind will go back to sleep and the earth will take back what it once owned.

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